Fairness Commission

Origins of the Sutton Fairness Commission

In its first year the Fairness Commission chose to focus on the life chances of children in the borough and over the next year commissioners heard evidence on this subject.  This work also included a focused series of events with young people, including a conference run by the young people themselves.

Finally a report was shared with the Council’s People Committee.  The findings of the report were also important in shaping the Sutton Health and Care Plan and has led to the agreement to produce a borough wide plan for children and young people in Sutton.

Following the successful pilot stage the Commissioners have agreed that the Sutton Fairness Commission should continue to focus on equality and diversity issues across the borough.  The new terms of reference state that:

‘The Commission aspires to operate as a part of the equalities infrastructure for the wider public sector in Sutton.  Ultimately the Commission aspires to become the main vehicle for scrutinising equality issues in Sutton.’


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