Health Inequalities Projects


Community Action Sutton is working alongside Sutton Council, local NHS colleagues and other charities and voluntary organisations in Sutton to focus on the health inequalities in Sutton. These health inequalities have in many cases been around for many years but they have become even more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, there are higher levels of high blood pressure, diabetes and other long term health conditions in certain parts of Sutton. Although the project is focussed on four areas of Sutton - the Benhill, Shanklin, St Helier and Roundshaw estates and surrounding areas - all the partners involved are focussed on improving access to health services for all Sutton residents.

Our role in the project is to help local residents and community groups so they are able to help themselves and others access services and activities to help them live healthier lives. This work is important as its often the case that areas of the borough with higher levels of long term health conditions have fewer local groups residents can access.

As a whole project, we eventually want to help residents access health services - GPs, mental health services, for example - more easily and as soon as they think they may need help. this is because is conditions are caught early they are both less likely to cause further long term problems and challenges for people to live with but it also saves the local NHS services money. We are specifically trying to help local groups become more established and able to support the residents in their local area. We are also trying to work with communities who have up to now been less likely to access local health services so they can create community groups or health and wellbeing related projects that reflect their communities.

Jubee and Alex, our Community Development Workers, are working in respective parts of the borough. Jubee is working in Shanklin and St Helier and Alex is working in Roundshaw and Benhill. Jubee and Alex will help groups bid for funding and generate new ideas. Alex is registered blind and is passionate about promoting inclusion for all residents and Jubee is particularly keen to help groups to set up new projects in the community.

If you have any questions or have an idea about the sort of groups or activities that would help local residents live more healthily, please contact Jubee ( or Alex ( to find out more.


Find out more about the groups we have been working with below, click on the image to read more about each one.

Shanklin Eid