What we offer

We provide a range of services ‘free of charge’ to all our members.


Services offered

  • Governance Support getting governance right is the key to a sustainable organisation. Community Action Sutton has been supporting voluntary sector boards for a number of years and can help with a number of issues ranging from choosing the right legal structure to business/strategic planning and trustee development.
  • Securing a sustainable income and fundraising In an increasingly competitive environment generating income is becoming a much more complex and time consuming challenge. We can help you develop a fundraising strategy and apply for grants.
  • Demonstrating your impact and quality, demonstrating the difference your services make and measuring your effectiveness has never been more important. We can help you with measuring your impact, producing evaluation reports and achieving quality marks.
  • Writing and implementing your policies and procedures Governance and sustainable fundraising start with good policies and procedures. We can help you get yours into shape.
  • Financial Management, setting up and managing your finances can be time- consuming and getting this wrong can cost your organisation dearly. Community Action Sutton has a long history of providing financial services and we can help with all sorts of things from Charity Commission compliance and financial advice to computerisation of accounts and budgeting.
  • Communications, telling people what you do and why you do it is vital your success as an organisation. We can help you plan your communications and set up your social media.


Chargeable services

End of Year accounts and Independent Examinations

Community Action Sutton has significant experience and expertise producing end of year accounts and carrying out
independent examinations for charities and small organisations. To find out more about this service contact Dunstanette Kuti 

Admin services

We can provide a range of admin services for charities and small organisations. For details and prices contact Jackie Parr 

CPS Payroll services

CPS Payroll has over 20 years’ experience of providing payroll services to the voluntary sector. We cater for all voluntary organisations, whatever size, and tailor the service to meet your needs and budget. For more information contact Karen Adorjan