Small Charity Week 2020

This year a lot of small charities had to change the ways in which they worked and how they engaged with their members, service users and stakeholders.  We put together some short video clips highlighting just some of the work that small charities in Sutton have been doing during the COVID 19 lockdown.

You can also see what one of our key partners Volunteer Centre Sutton had been doing to support the community during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Small Charity Week Big Impact Day 


We started the week with a short video clip showing some of the work that Sutton Women's Centre have been doing during the COVID 19 lockdown. Sutton Women’s Centre changed their way of working to enable them to continue to support local women.


On Tuesday 16th June 2020 we published a short video clip of local charity Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation (SACCO). They came up with an amazing way to help people feel a little less isolated during the COVID 19 lockdown. SACCO sent 32 households in Sutton giant butterfly gardens for them to study observe and record what they saw.


On Wednesday we highlighted the amazing way in which the Gary Mason Charity was able to keep on Drumming with their members online using Zoom. This proved to be a real life line for some members as they felt less isolated being able to continue to play and see friends.



We also highlighted another great charity ASKI. During the COVID 19 lockdown ASKI wanted to ensure BME communities stayed fit and healthy. The Charity with support form the Sutton Giving COVID 19 Crisis Fund were able provided 60 homemade Caribbean meals to Sutton residents. They also held a series of online chair based exercise classes.


On Thursday 18th June we featured Sutton Housing Society. Sutton Housing Society supported their residents throughout the #COVID19 lockdown by providing WIFI to people’s homes and arranging lots of fun activities to ensure residents didn’t feel isolated and alone. Quizes, live music, knitting clubs and chocolate Easter eggs helped to lift spirits.


We also showcased  1st/16th Sutton Scouts Group. The 1st/16th Sutton Scout Group made sure members could take part in their promise renewal online, so no one missed out. Members of the group also took part in a virtual family camp. 95,000 scouts, guides and other participants from 68 countries across the world became record breakers!


On Friday 19th June we published a short video clip highlighting some of the work St Raphael’s Hospice had been carrying out during the COVID 19 lockdown. St Raphael’s Hospice continued to support patients living with life-limiting illnesses throughout the lockdown. They changed the ways in which they worked and ensured people felt supported.


We also wanted to showcase Jigsaw4u. Jigsaw4u had been busy ensuring children and young people did not feel alone and isolated during the COVID 19 lockdown. They ran an online art competition and hosted two online parties to make everyone felt included and not alone.